Fall Tuesday Adult Power Skills – Drop In Classes

Tuesday Noon Weekly Drop in Classes

Tuesdays 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Drop in Cost: $40 for players (incl. HST) Goalies (no cost) – 10 ice times, 50 minutes – there are still openings in the program

There’s Covid 19 protocols in place.

If you are looking for the full weekly program, click here.

Tuesdays: 12:00pm – 1:00 pm

For players who are refining their skills to become more confident in game situations. (Beginners to experienced players)

Oct 13, 20, 27 Nov 3, 10, 17, 24 Dec 1, 8, 15



Adult / Youth Power Skills and Power Skating – Tuesday Noon Fall Weekly

For players born in 2006 and earlier.

This is an excellent program to develop your skills during the off-season in preparation for your upcoming hockey endeavours. The youth / adult program follows our “Skills Plus” philosophy; each ice time is designed to enhance and define the skills needed to succeed. The participants begin with power skating (straight line speed, turns, pivots, stopping, etc.) and power skills (stickhandling, puck protection, passing, etc) training for roughly 20 minutes. Players are then grouped based on skill level and age and rotate in small groups through stations working on individual skills combining puck control and skating, passing and shooting. Each session has a specific focus and progress over the course of each ice time and duration of the program. In later sessions we introduce individual and team tactics. The final component of each session is intense small ice games of 3-on-3. This training format keeps everyone active throughout, thereby maximizing puck touches and skill development time.

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re all well and are safely navigating the trying changes to our lives…living with the threat of Covid 19. I’m reaching out to see if there’s enough interest to run the Tuesday Noon Adult session this year. The operating environment has change dramatically. As we are still in stage three of the pandemic, the arena restrictions and regulations are a challenge to navigate. I have been working/running a lot of individual sessions over the last two months for a bunch of private and Skills Plus Hockey groups. It’s gone very well and I feel very safe as the arenas are following all the safe regulations. I don’t see us coming out of stage 3 anytime soon, so this is hockey moving forward for I think a couple years.
I’m very open to continuing to run the noon program if I have enough interest. I have not committed to the ice but it’s available. in moving forward with the training we would have to follow the following rules and restrictions.
  • there are no dressing rooms available…so no showers are available. 
  • everyone would have a space out in the seated area within the rink around the boards
  • You must come partially dressed and leave partially dress.
  • a mask is required to enter and exit the building. You do not need to wear it when participating
  • A maximum of 20 (player and coaches) are allowed on the ice. 
The cost is going to be higher as well….$35 per ice-time to book all the fall date (10 weeks) or $40 as a drop-in (includes the hst) The start date would be October 13th.
I would need to have a commitment of 10 players signing up for the whole program to make it viable. 
Please let me know so I can decide very soon. The noon Adult program has been running 18 straight years. Let’s figure out if we can make it 19. 
Thanks Eric