Winter Poised Defenseman / Defensive Forward – Drop In Classes

From: $30.00

Winter Wednesday Weekly

Wednesdays 4:30 to 5;30 pm at Albert McCormick Arena
Drop in Cost: $30 (incl. HST) – 11 ice times, 50-minutes – there are openings yet for drop ins and full time

If you are looking for the full weekly program, click here.

Jan. 9, 16, 23, 30 Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27 Mar. 6, 20, 27

PD1 Group 1 Born in 2012 – 2010 (6 players)
PD2 Group 2 Born in 2010 – 2008 (6 players)
PD3 Group 3 Born in 2008 – 2006 (6 players)
PD4 Group 4 Born in 2006 to Adult (6 players)



Poised Defensemen /Defensive Forward- Fall Weekly

Defensemen and Forwards in today’s game need to escape pressure with speed, pass quickly with accuracy, shoot with power, and contain / defend opponents through agility, quick feet, and precision pivoting (1 on 1 man coverage). Throughout the program we will work with regularly on refining the mechanics of the skating (in particular backwards) , shooting and passing. Come and learn about the individual skills and tactics necessary to excel as a modern day defensemen. Each of the four groups will work separately throughout 60-minutes of skill and tactical drills designed to elevate your game.

PS….this in an excellent program for players playing forward as well. A Winger or Centerman at any given time in a game has to transition from offense to defense and know how to defend and help their defensemen .