(Goalies)Winter Power Skills/Skating(Co-ed) – Monday

$140.00 $70.00

Openings Available! Prorated cost is now $70

Monday 4:30 to 5:20 pm
@ Albert McCormick Arena in Waterloo
Cost: $270 (incl. HST), goalies $140 – 10 ice times, 50-minutes

Jan 13, 20, 27 Feb 3, 10, 19 (Wednesday), 24 Mar 2, 9, 23

Group separation is as follow….could change due to the age of players registered

PD1 Group 1 Born in 2013 – 2011 (6 players)
PD2 Group 2 Born in 2011 – 2009 (6 players)
PD3 Group 3 Born in 2009 – 2007 (6 players)
PD4 Group 4 Born in 2007 to Adult (6 players)

Group Option –  You can purchase a group (6Players) at a discounted cost and you’ll have your own 1/4 of the ice to train….cost for a group is $1380 for 6 players ( you could also add more players to the group package but just 6 players show up each week

If you are looking for the drop in classes, click here.

Goalies will have a 20 minute separate training with the goalie coaches at the start of each ice time before joining the whole group for the combination drills.


Goalies – Power Skills and Power Skating (Co-ed) – Monday

Goalies will do there own warm-up and training during the first 20 minutes of the workout with the goalie instructor (s).

This is an excellent program to develop your goalie skills during the season as supplement to the team commitments. The  program follows our “Skills Plus” philosophy; each ice time is designed to enhance and define the skills needed to succeed. The goalies begin with a workout /warmup with the goalie instructors. The players begin with power skills and power skating and then rotate in small groups through stations working on individual skills such as shooting, passing, dekes and stick handling. Each session has a specific focus and progress over the course of the program. In later sessions we introduce individual and team tactics. The final component of each session is intense games of 3-on-3 in small groups. This training format keeps everyone active throughout, thereby maximizing skill development time.