Team After School Weekly Training – Special Promotion For Fall and Winter

Programs are at Albert McCormick Arena in Waterloo Monday to Thursday at 4:30pm to 5:20pm (50-minutes), and for 2003 and earlier Sunday Night Youth/Adult Power Skills and Skating at RIM Park

Players will register in and attend one of  the four After School Training Ice Times, Cost varies depending on the program (details at the programs webpage) Link

Each player will receive a Free Individual Video Analysis ($120 Value) Link


Teams can register in the fall or winter training as a team and qualify for a free individual video analysis for skating and shooting (please view the webpage on Video Analysis for more details). As a team you have four different after school training options you can come and train in: Goal Scoring / Goaltending, Stickhandling and Puck Control, Children’s Power Skills and Power Training or Poised Defenseman. Players who are born in 2003 and earlier could come to the Sunday Night Youth/Adult Power Skills and Skating Training as an alternative as well. You don’t all have to come to the same training…you can split up and come to the training most appealing to your development needs. Each player has to register in one of the programs and as a free bonus you will have an individual video analysis conducted by Eric Calder.

Click here for the Weekly Fall/Winter Training Options     And Click here for the Video Analysis Options