Spring Summer Goal Scoring/Goaltending – Wednesday


Individual or Group Options Available. Cost Has Been Prorated.

Wednesdays 7:30 to 8:20 pm

@ RIM Park in Waterloo
Cost: $285 (incl. HST) Goalies $160 – 10 ice times, 50-min.

Group Option – Each Group is subdivided into two groups based on age and skill level to optimize development and challenge (4 players max and a goalie). You can purchase a group at a discounted cost and you’ll have your own 1/6 of the ice to train….cost for a group is $900 for 4 players + $120 for a goalie = $1020. We can add a second goalie to the group for another $80.

If you are looking for the drop in classes, click here.

Goalie Information and Registration

Enrollment is limited to 8 skaters and 3 goalies in one / third of the ice…..4 skaters in 1/6 of the ice

May 22, 29 June 5, 12, 19, 26 July 10, 17, 24, 31

Group separation is as follow….could change due to the age of players registered

G1 Group 1 Born in 2011 -09
G2 Group 2 Born in 2009 – 2006
G3 Group 3 Born in 2006 to Adults


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Goalscoring/Goaltending – Spring Summer Weekly

Geared towards players with a foundation of skills (not for player who are just learning to play) , this is an engaging 50-minute shooting and goaltending session. Each of the 3 groups uses 1/3 of the ice. And with in the 3 groups players are divided again into two groups to accommodate different skill levels (there is a group rate for 4 players and goalie).  Goaltenders will be taught the modern butterfly technique and will work on their movement to position oneself square to the shooter. Goal scorers will focus on perfecting the various types of shots ( wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, defections, in tight elevation shot) in a multitude of different scoring scenarios. The drills will combined puck control and speed to maneuver in and out of traffic in the areas around the net to score. Scenarios we will cover are different angle shots, driving the net off the rush, walkouts from behind the net, one timers, one time redirects, screen deflections and side deflections and more.

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G1 Group 1 Born in 2011 – 2009, G2 Group 2 Born in 2009 – 2006, G3 Group 3 Born in 2006 to Adult, Group (4 Players + 1 Goalie)