Aug 21 – 25 Poised Defenseman / Defensive Forward Training @ Activa Sportsplex


Cost: $279 (HST included) @ Activa Sportsplex, Kitchener, Born in 2012 and older, 1:30 to 2:50 (80-minutes), Maximum 16 players

Please note there’s a 10% discount for the following options: (1) families registering more than one sibling, (2) registering in two or more programs.



 Poised Defense / Defensive Player Training  August 21-25 @ Activa Sportsplex

Head Ice – Eric Calder…NHL, AHL, CHL, CIAU, and European Defenseman Player and 30 years of coaching experience

Defensemen and Forwards in today’s game need to escape pressure with speed, pass quickly with accuracy, shoot with power, and contain / defend opponents through agility, quick feet, gap control and precision pivoting (1 on 1 man coverage). Throughout the program we will regularly work on refining the mechanics of the skating (in particular backwards), defending, shooting and passing. Come and learn about the individual skills and tactics necessary to excel as a modern day defensive player. A lot of group work will be used to match player appropriately throughout the 90-minutes of skill and tactical drills designed to elevate your game. Each participant is encourage to register with a compatible partner and partner drills are used often. If you want to be able to player effectively in games you have to be able to skating backwards efficiently and pivot from both backwards to forwards and forwards to backwards( we will do lots of it).

One distinguishing plus for Skills Plus Hockey Camps is the leadership on the ice and off the ice. Eric Calder (On-Ice Head Instructor and Camp Organizer) has 25 plus years of on ice teaching experience at Skills Plus Hockey Camps, has his highest level of Coaching (High Performance 2), is a Hockey Canada Certified Skills Coach (new stream issued by Hockey Canada) and practical knowledge from thousands of on-ice practical teaching hours.