Aug 19-23 All Level Skills Training Camp @ Activa Sportsplex (Co-ed)


Co-ed Camp for players playing a less competitive hockey (House League…rep level players can register but are advise to register in the REP level camp option, Full and Half Day Options

Spots Available

Cost (No HST on camps): $489 (Full Day), $399 (Half Day option), Goalies $369 (full day), $279 (half day) @ Activa Sportsplex.  There is just one group with 24 players plus goalies

Catered Lunch Option at $10 per day (all the food groups nurtured)….will get the information with camp package.

Born 2017 to 2009

Drop off: 8 to 8:30am,  Pick up: 4 to 4:30pm, 12:30pm (Half Day), Two daily ice times, 130-minutes of on-ice training per day
Daily off-ice activities;  (quick feet fitness, co-operative games circuit, 2 swim days, yoga, Eric’s Jam Session, and more! Lots of variety)

Goalies will have a 20 minute separate training with the goalie coaches at the start of the 80-minute ice time before joining in the group drills.

Please note there’s a 10% discount for the following options: (1) families registering more than one sibling from the same household. All campers will receive a custom wood hockey puck handmade by Eric Calder

Use the discount code found here: deal2024-10

Upon booking you will receive an automated email receipt. An info package will be sent out closer to the start date.




All Levels Skills Hockey Camp  August 19-23 @ Activa Sportsplex

Head Ice, Associate Group Leader, and Camp Coordinator – Eric Calder

Group Leader – Adam Roberston – BKin Wilfrid Laurier University (Varsity Baseball Player) 21’, BEd Brock University in Health & Physical Education, Biology 23’, Occasional Teacher for WRDSB

Each camp offers two active ice times designed to enhance and define the skills needed to succeed. The participants begin with power skating and power skills (full ice and small zone ice continuous movement patterns) and then rotate in small balanced groups through skills working on individual skills such as skating, shooting, passing, dekes, defending, stick handling and more. Each session has a specific focus and progression over the course the week. In later sessions we introduce individual and team tactics. The final component of each session is a small ice games (variety or different ones) This training format keeps everyone active throughout, thereby maximizing the number of reps and skill development time.

One distinguishing plus for Skills Plus Hockey Camps is the leadership on the ice and off the ice. Eric Calder (On-Ice Head Instructor and Camp Organizer) has 25 plus years of on ice teaching experience at Skills Plus Hockey Camps, has his highest level of Coaching (High Performance 2), is a Hockey Canada Certified Skills Coach (new stream issued by Hockey Canada) and practical knowledge from thousands of on-ice practical teaching hours. Off-ice the group leaders are most of time trained teachers with the Ontario School Board and who have been teaching camps at Skills Plus Hockey for many years now. I encourage you to go to the bio page and have a look. This is a big distinguishing feature that separates Skills Plus Hockey from other hockey camps in the area. Goalies receive 20-minutes of specialized training at the start of each ice time with the goalie instructor(s).

The off-ice activities are designed to combine fun and fitness through a variety of sporting activities.   The Rep level and specialty camps place a more focus on hockey-related off- ice fitness with the use of the Quick Feet dryland program to enhance core strength and the aerobic and anaerobic base needed to perform at a competitive level. The All Level Camps will also experience a  few Quick Feet workouts.

As well, at the full day camps we go swimming twice during the week. We go to the Harry Class Pool…. a heated outdoor pool in downtown Kitchener. Trips to swimming are by School bus. The swims are all very tightly monitored with the swimming pool staff and camp instructors. Both the city of Kitchener and Waterloo have strict guidelines to follow at the swims. Parents are always welcome to meet us at the pool to volunteer if they’d like. We’ll have yoga on one of the days as well.

Back again will be Eric’s jam session. I love to play guitar, harmonica and sing in my spare time. I use to play and perform in bars in Europe when I was playing pro hockey. I’ve been playing for years and have enjoyed singing to all the groups that attend camp. I’ve had a lot of positive comments from attendees and look forward to playing again this year.

All summer camps are co-ed, with participants divided into sub-groups according to ability. The girls who attend camp will share a dressing room together…at times they’ll have some separate activities off-ice together. The structure of the All Levels camps challenges both rep and house league players. Skills Plus Hockey Inc. reserves the right to re-align the camp age categories due to variations in the camp registrations.

Late pick-up is available upon request. Please note you are required to accompany your child to the assigned dressing rooms each morning for drop off with the group instructor(s). As well at the end of the day you’re required to return to the dressing room or lobby to pick up your child. There’s leniency to this camp policy with campers who are twelve years of age and older….upon clarifying with the group leader.