2019 Winter Programs are now open for registration!!!!! There are group packages now available to register with teammates and friends. Here is the link:  Fall / Winter Programs

2019 Spring Tryout Training is now posted and open for registration: Skills Plus Hockey: Spring Pre-Tryout Training 2019

Skills Plus Hockey programs  and camps are designed to enhance a player’s level of skill, increase his/her knowledge of the game, and improve his/her physical fitness. Participation in these programs will promote all around development and will improve all aspects of sport.

Our training format keeps everyone active throughout, thereby maximinizing skill development time. Each player is often grouped according to his or her particular level of development, allowing individuals to be challenged and still remain confident amongst peers.

Goalies receive 20 minutes of personalized goalie instruction during the power skating segment of the program, along with further instruction during the stations and mini-games.