Skills Plus programs are designed to enhance a player’s level of skill, increase his/her knowledge of the game, and improve his/her physical fitness. Participation in this program will promote social and intellectual development, and will encourage the “fun” aspect of sport. On average, a participant will perform drills with a puck 80% of the time. In general, each session emphasizes:

  • 10 minutes of power skatingĀ  (balance, turns, pivots, crossovers, edge control, stride development),
  • 10 minutes of mass puck control (stickhandling, dekes, and agility work),
  • 30 minutes of group training with stations incorporating the new skills learned each day and from previous ice-times.

The group training segment especially challenges and maximizes their skill development time because each player is grouped according to his or her particular level of development, allowing individuals to be confident amongst peers.