Loren Gabel…Canadian Women’s National Team player recently was added to the Skills Coach on-ice team. Very excited to announce Loren will be out to teach at the following two camps. 

Week One of Camp: August 6-9…at Activa Sportsplex in Kitchener

All Skills REP Hockey Camp For AAA / AA / A players – a Full Day or Half Day is available….full day camper could join the afternoon Power Skating outlined in the afternoon as and alternative. The camp will focus on individual skills and tactics on-ice training and the quick feet off-ice agility training. Mike Mcllveen “Siskin’s Head Coach is the group leader for the camp. https://www.skillsplushockey.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4637&action=edit

Week One of Camp: August 6-9…at Activa Sportsplex in Kitchener 

Afternoon REP Just Ice Camp – a Full Day option available….full day camper would join the morning camp. The camp will focus on individual skills and tactics training…two ice hours of skills training with one hour of Scrimmage. Mike Mcllveen “Siskin’s Head Coach is the group leader for the camp. 

The August camp push is on with “a GROUP of 6 DISCOUNT OPTION and other options…check it out https://www.skillsplushockey.com/registration/

Here is the camp registration home page: https://www.skillsplushockey.com/product-category/summer-camps/

Please note: Skills Plus Hockey is “A Licenced Hockey Canada Skills Development Program”  and has a lot of on and off ice teaching and training aids / equipment to challenge players at their skills and drills. I encourage you to form a group to gain, train, and benefit from a unique training opportunity right here in Waterloo Region.

Come and cool down at the rink and get and edge on your skills, Eric 

Each Skills Plus Hockey Program / Camp is very individual skill based and often uses a passing partner (s) with numerous drills and skills. Your group will have it’s own space on the ice to train…enhancing speed, execution, quality and quantity. The game of Hockey happens in a small space. In games you’ll often have all ten players enclosed in one zone on the ice. Coaches are looking for players who can play in a tight space with speed and who can execute theirs ability to escape pressure, pass successful and get a shot away on the net. These are the players that are successful in games whether it’s the NHL, AAA, MD or Recreational Hockey. Skills, Skills and more is a monumental key to success. How do you get better in a small space…train in it.

I encourage you to look at the options and check the availability in the winter programs currently running and the upcoming Spring Programs starting in May (will be posted soon)

Here’s the link to click for all the fall programs


Kind regards and best wishes for a successful finish to the hockey season! I encourage you to sign up with a friend (s) and share the info with teammates. 

Thanks Eric

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