I have two new products this coming Spring Summer. In The Moment Individual Video Analysis as a weekly training on Thursday nights and an afternoon Summer Camp at Activa. This is an innovative new way of training power skating and individual skills. Players will be able to practice a particular skating and / or hockey skill (s) each week and then promptly receive video feedback on bio-mechanics. Actually seeing ones strengths and weakness helps you process the corrections and strong points in a skating stride, a wrist shot, a tight turn with and without a puck…etc.  Players will be give a particular skill to perform, then videoed will a tablet, then shown and consulted using drawing tools their bio-mechanics. Then the process will be repeated giving each player a few times to see, train and improve their mechanics each ice time. We will identify different skills for each ice time to train and consult. I have been experimenting and refining this technic to develop hockey players over the last number of years. Technology advancements has now made it possible to use video spontaneously. I encourage you to register…it’s really going to make a difference and allow you to better visualize and execute strong technic.     

The weekly program is at RIM Park on Thursday nights at 5:30pm starting after the May long weekend. Here is the link:https://www.skillsplushockey.com/shop/springsummer-weekly-programs/moment-individual-video-analysis-training-co-ed/
And the Summer Camp is at Activa the week of August 8-11 (4 days) as an afternoon camp. I do have a full day camp this week so we could look at making it a full day camp if you call or email to make special arrangements. Here is the link: https://www.skillsplushockey.com/shop/summer-camps/aug-8-11-moment-video-analysis-individual-skills-afternoon-camp-activa/

See you at the rink!

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