Hello! It’s been very tough the Covid 19 Pandemic on the hockey community. I’ve been very quiet and just patiently waiting to hear / see how hockey will open up again. It’s going to be a while for sure until hockey normalizes. In light of the current environment I do have some positive and disappointing news to share.

Firstly, I have to cancel all full day and half day hockey camps scheduled for August. The City of Kitchener and Goderich have cancelled my contracts due to Covid 19 Pandemic and the new guideline / regulation measures currently in place. There will be no dressing rooms available and the use of the facilities with its restrictions won’t make full day and half day camps possible. Details on credits / refunds for camps will be posted on the website.

Secondly, the city rinks will be opening up shortly for qualified instructors to teach a group of 9 players . I fortunately meet all the criteria / certification and licensing with Hockey Canada and the Ontario Hockey Federation to resume teaching. And moreover, it appears I’m the only independent self-employed instructor locally who can run a skills training ice time. An instructor has to have the required certification and licensing to meet the new guidelines implemented by the Government of Ontario in conjuction with the Ontario Hockey Federation….inserted here just below.

Currently the reopening of indoor arenas has been identified in Phase 3 of the Province of Ontario’s Reopening Plan.  However, Mid-June some restrictions were lifted by the Province.  These orders can be found at https://www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/200263?search=263%2F20#top. I have provided some of the details from the order below and I have highlighted key pieces that must be met before training can occur indoors:

13. (5)  Facilities for indoor sports and recreational fitness activities that comply with the conditions set out in subsection (6) may open for the purpose of being used by one or more of the following organizations, leagues or clubs to train amateur or professional athletes or to run amateur or professional athletic competitions:

1.   A national sport organization funded by Sport Canada or a member club of such an organization.

2.   A provincial sport or multi-sport organization recognized by the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries or a member club of such an organization.

3.   A professional sport league or a member club of such a league.

4.   Any national sport organization that is a member of, or is recognized by, either the Canadian Olympic Committee or the Canadian Paralympic Committee or a member club of such an organization.

As I just recently found this out, I don’t have any programming options posted yet. But I’m working on it currently and hope to have all the details on line by this coming week. I can tell you I’m looking to have eight or nine players sign up as a group at a fixed cost. The group will be able to book an hour session in the times offered. If this is something of interest to you, I encourage you to email me at [email protected] asap as I would like to get an idea of the demand.

Kind regards, Eric

Please note: Skills Plus Hockey is “A Licenced Hockey Canada Skills Development Program”  and has a lot of on and off ice teaching and training aids / equipment to challenge players at their skills and drills.

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