Have an ACADEMY Mindset…in season skills training is optimal for development. More and more players are training in an academy 4 times a week. Supplement your development with a Fall / Winter After School Program (23rd season) at Albert McCormick Arena. The Small Group Training format continues as I like it so much!! There’s way more puck touches (shots, passes, and puck control), and lots of space to execute with optimal skate striding. I’ll work through all the aspects of the game throughout the season (defence, scoring, playmaking, and more). Improvement requires commitment, frequency, and range of motion. Pick and choose the dates and times that work…order 10 sessions or more for a 10% discount (all 19 weeks are posted up until the end of March).

The Fall Programs begin the week of October 17th on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays: Tuesday Noon Adult / Youth, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday After School Skills Training at 4:30pm (click the link).


Kind regards, Eric

Please note: Skills Plus Hockey is “A Licenced Hockey Canada Skills Development Program”  and has a lot of on and off ice teaching and training aids / equipment to challenge players at their skills and drills.

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