Individual Video Analysis For Improved Skating and Shooting


Combined Skating and Shooting Analysis  – Cost is $189 (HST included)

Skating Analysis (forwards straight line, tight turns, crossovers, backwards straight line) – Cost $120 (HST included)

Shooting Analysis (wrist shot and slap shot (if age appropriate) – Cost is $100 (HST included)

Please read product description for more details.

Group Discount – If a group of six who would like to do a video session together a group discount can be arranged. I’m able to do the video part for 6 participants in one hour of ice. Please email Eric at [email protected]

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This individual analysis is structured to identify the strengths and weakness of a player’s skating and shooting. The visual impact of seeing oneself and the personal feedback with clarify what goals a player needs to understand to be a better hockey player. Each player’s forward skating (straight line forward and backwards, tight turns, and cross-overs) and shooting (wrist and slap shot) will be videoed and analyzed. The analysis will be voiced over, slow motioned, stop motioned and telestrated (line drawings) on the file and saved on a memory stick. The video filming with be arranged and conducted in and around a program / or camp I’m conducting or you’re participating in.

You will also get a collection of clips with correct technique and analysis.